About me

Who I am

I'm a Sydneysider

I've lived almost my whole life in Sydney/Warrane, and I love the city. I've met some amazing people here and I'll never stop loving the amazing events that happen throughout the year. I'm an avid learner of our city's history, to learn more about its vast history and the history of all the many peoples who have called it home through the thousands of years that people have lived here for.

I'm a software engineer

I've been programming since I was in early high school. I started with Java, but nowadays I almost exclusively work in frontend development. I've been working with frontend since 2017, and I've gained experience working with many different stacks, from vanilla HTML/JS to Backbone/jQuery to React to Svelte (which is what this site is written in!), and both TypeScript and Flow. I'm hoping to start experimenting with WebGL and Elm in the near future in my side projects.

I like board games and video games alike

I'm a big fan of both board games (usually Euro-style games) and video games. My favourite board games are Azul, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and Root, and my favourite video games are Minecraft and CS:GO. I've been playing games since I was in early primary school, and it was through Minecraft that I got into programming when I wanted to make custom server mods for my own private server, which led me to pick up Java - which I discovered I wanted to learn more about and do more of.

I'm a language nerd

Being raised in Sydney, Australia, my native language is English but I also speak Swedish quite fluently as I have been learning it since 2015. Other languages I occasionally spend time learning include Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish, German, Dutch, French, and Italian. I'm fascinated by the differences between Germanic languages in particular, and I love the Nordics, hence why these are my go-tos. I'm also a huge nerd when it comes to etymology and the history of languages.

What I make

React applications

I use React daily at work. In fact, the majority my work is in our TypeScript React frontend. My interests in this area at the moment are in writing maintainable, testable, and accessible UI while also providing high developer experience (DX) so we can iterate quickly, confidently, and safely.

Strict type systems

I make use of advanced TypeScript features to make my job as a developer easier, by ensuring as many mistakes are caught at compile-time as possible. This means often making types describe state machines or using discriminated unions, and is one way I work to improve DX for faster dev speed.

Frontend tooling

One of my major interests lies in frontend tooling, covering everything from the local devloop to CI/CD systems to monitoring and improving the performance of web applications. I'm constantly on the lookout for inspiration on ways to improve our frontend tooling. I want to learn and work more in this area in the future, as it's one of my favourites in project work.

Frontend operations

I am passionate about the monitoring and operations behind modern frontends, and it's an area that I frequently explore at work. I'm always interested to find improvements we can use to locate improvement areas in our code, through the full toolset all the way from dev-time to build-time to run-time.